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I want to tell you all a story, my story.  So bare with me as we walk down memory lane to 2005.  No, that’s not when I started with Beachbody, but it’s when 2 major life changing events happened to me.  In 2005 I had my beautiful baby girl.  Guess she’s not really a baby anymore, but it still seems like yesterday to me.  Those of you who have kids know exactly what I’m talking about, those little tiny people change everything!!  Your life goes from waking and going to work each day, out to lunch or dinner whenever meeting with your friends, doing anything you want on the spur of the moment to being focused on your baby, diapers, feedings, no spur of the moment because you have to make sure the baby has napped and fed before you go anywhere.  Totally worth it.  As my maternity leave was drawing to the end, I made big life changing event decision #2.  To stay home.  I think this is a good time to point out that no, my husband and I were not financially independent, we were you two average young adults who had bills and lived paycheck to paycheck, we had student loans, car payments, mortgage, and all the other regular bills we had to cover.  So, for me to stay home was a scary thing.  That’s 1 less paycheck.  Changes were made.  Things were sold to knock down other debts, my 401k that I had built up was cashed out to pay off the student loans.  No more meals out, we were back on our awesome collage diet of top ramen!  You know what I’m talking about! I became so frugal, selling clothes to buy clothes, ebay was my best friend.

Fast forward, 2007.  My daughter is 2 and we had a bouncing baby boy enter our lives.  Now, we were keeping our heads above water finically, but we knew that we had our two beauties and once our son was 2 I HAD to go back to work.  No question.  We needed the extra money.  Funny how kids just make your expenses change, clothes every few months, diapers, food…yeah, my husband wasn’t going to be able to support us much longer.  And to be honest with you guys, we were tired of not being able to do anything.  I can’t tell you how many times my friends would want to get me out of the house and go for coffee or something and I had to turn them down.  I couldn’t do it.  I didn’t have the money to pay $3 for coffee, I had to use that $3 to put toward diapers or milk.  It’s kinda embarrassing to have to keep turning your friends down and trying to come up with excuses without saying “dude, we’re broke.”

We did it though.  And come 2009, the time had come.  It was time for a change.  But I didn’t want to, well I did, but it was that moment in my life I realized what was the most important thing to me.  My family.  I would do anything for them but I wanted to be there.  I didn’t want to be away from them.  They are my WHY – now if you’re in the beachbody world you know what I’m talking about, for those who don’t just know they are my reason on earth.  They are the most important things to me, just like your family is to you.  I couldn’t leave them.  I had to find a way to make this work.  And I did.  I found Beachbody, I had in 2008 picked up a copy of P90X to, well get my post baby body back into some sort of an acceptable body.  I fell in love with Tony Horton, and thought there’s a business opportunity there?  After some research, I decided to give it a go, what could it hurt?  Yeah, I had to put it on the credit card to get started but promised my husband I will earn it back.  And I did.  Plus some.  My goal was to bring in only 200 a month, that’s all we needed to stay afloat and enjoy renting movies again or going out for a coffee.

Today, I have a small team of super awesome people, who wanted a little financial freedom, who wanted to be with their families, who wanted to give back to the people who have been there for them.  Who want to make the world a better, healthier place.  Today, I am able to live my life the way I want, I am home.  I drop my kids off at school each day, pick them up each day. I get to help with homework, help in their class rooms and do you know how happy that makes not only me but my kids LOVE having me in the school helping (they’re still young, LOL) and not to mention, the other kids, they appreciate me.  I can’t explain the love and happiness in my heart each day getting a hug from a little girl in my sons class thanking me for helping her in math.  That’s not the whole picture.  There’s more love and happiness in my heart from emails from people I’ve shared fitness and Shakeology with who thank me for helping them lose weight, how I changed their lives for the better.  THIS you guys, THIS is an amazing feeling.  Caring for my family, getting to enjoy each and every laugh with my kids…I’ll let you in on a secret.  I get paid to do this.  I work so very part time, why?  Because my family is #1, I wanted to be here, be present and not working.  So I am.  I designed my life that way and each day I do “work” if you can call it that, I call it talking to people, helping them see their goals and in turn I get paid.  That’s how I do it.  I set aside some time each day while the kids are at school and my husband is at work to connect with like-minded people, with people who want a change in their life either by getting in shape or by starting their own fitness business.  I invite these people to join me in challenge groups with fitness products which I know work and invite people to calls to see how beachbody can change their financial lives.  I now, have debts paid off…paycheck to paycheck isn’t our life anymore, we have a savings account, my kids have brand new coats and boots to keep them warm in the harsh Montana winters, they get to go and enjoy their life, worry free and me right there enjoying their laughter.  It means the whole world to me.

I know that the potential is out there to make more.  Just think, if I make $2500 a week for only working maybe 4 hours a week, how much could I make if I worked 8 hours?  12 hours?  40 hours?  Yeah, kinda crazy to think about right?  It only cost me $39 dollars to start this business, what other business do you know that is that cheap to get started, you don’t have advertising expenses, Beachbody takes care of that through TV and magazine ads.  P90X is a household name!  You don’t have to worry about inventory, having products at your house, shipping them all that hassle is taken care of by Beachbody, same with your websites, Your “store” your websites are maintained and updated by Beachbody.   What about training and support?  I don’t know any other home business opportunity that comes with such a supportive family.  Everyone wants you to succeed.  Along with trainings and conventions hosted by beachbody, other coaches host trainings/calls/webinars to help you succeed.  We’re all about paying it forward.  We pay it forward by sharing our experiences, what has worked for us, what has worked with others.  We meet people, we share with people.

Am I a fitness expert?  No.  Do you have to be?  Not at all!  I think that’s a common misconception, being a Beachbody coach only means that You are ready to change your life.  You are committed to making yourself a healthier better person and sharing that with other people.  That’s all it is guys!  Sharing what you’re doing, how you’re improving yourself with fitness and Shakeology with your friends, come on, I know you’re already posting about your awesome workout on facebook, why not have the potential to earn some cash doing that? We are all like you, just someone who started their fitness journey, saw results and decided to be an inspiration for others to get on track towards becoming the best physical version of themselves.

Speaking of becoming the best physical version of yourself.  I haven’t touched on my physical transformation.  I had mentioned that I picked up P90X in 2008.  I’ll start by saying I never battled with being overweight, I had a GREAT metabolism that kept my poor eating skills in check.  I was an active child playing sports in school, as a young adult I took advantage of living in the beautiful Northwest by hiking, camping, kayaking, and I have a hobby…Karate.  After having 2 kids and becoming a bit more sedentary, I had 25 pounds to lose, 2 rounds of P90X and shakeology did the trick.  My first round of P90X, I was more focused on working out each day and not so much on the nutrition.  My second round, I paired P90X with Shakology and started focusing on eating better, I found energy, and the key to dropping the rest of the baby weight.  Not only was I starting to feel better and gain energy I noticed my hobby, Karate started improving greatly.  Before holding a deep stance was hard, legs shaking and all I could think about was standing up, now I can hold those stances, and model form in class because I can hold it during explanation and you need a slow kick demo?  I’m your girl, I’ve got balance and form now that I have become a better version of me.  Add in Insanity, you know that intense cardio workout program by Shaun T?  Well, now when doing sparring or “free fighting” I am not gassed and wanting to be tapped out, NOW I am the one who goes a few rounds with different people in class before being swapped out!  I know these beachbody programs work, why?  Because I do them and I feel how strong I feel, I see how it impacts my everyday life making things easier and, well more fun.  Becoming a Beachbody coach I have been able to really make fitness a part of my life, I feel accountable to you all to do that workout each day.  In turn, I know that I’m teaching my children that fitness is a part of life, and from what I said earlier, you know that my kids are a very important part of my life, so showing them how to be healthy so that not only I can be around to watch them grow old that they will hopefully pick up the same habits to watch their children grow old and so on and so forth…

So, that’s me.  That is what Coaching has done for me.  Now, let me ask you guys a question.  What means the world to you?  What would an extra $200 do for you? What’s one impact you want to leave on this world?

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