Get Fit & Fierce!!!

Hey fit friends!!  
I wanted to invite you to an exclusive challenge group called GET FIT & FIERCE that begins on Monday, August 15th!! 
Keep reading for more info & to see how to reserve your spot!  
SPACE IS LIMITED to the first 15 ready to commit, so make sure to reply back asap to get on the tentative list even if you just THINK you will be committing! 
***If you are a coach on another team, OR you already have a coach, you would not qualify for this group. Please check with YOUR coach about a group if I’m not your coach 🙂 ***
This exclusive group will take place AUGUST 15th to SEPT 2nd!


This group is for my customers and/or new Personally Sponsored coaches who invest in the new Country Heat program (see photo below – program available July 27), or **any other** program, supplement, or Challenge Pack by FRIDAY, JULY 29th (THIS IS YOUR DEADLINE TO PURCHASE **ANY** PROGRAM, SUPPLEMENT, OR CHALLENGE PACK).
If you are currently on Shakeology HD (autoship) through me, you are eligible for this group automatically, but you must contact me to reserve your spot. 🙂 
Check out these Country Heat results!!!! 
1. A meal plan comes with EVERY program. 
2. Access to our private Get Fit & Fierce challenge group with daily check-ins, tips, support, & more to help you reach your goals.
3. Any schedule/supplements/nutrition guides that come with your purchase. 
As stated above, please contact me ASAP to reserve your spot, even if you just think you may be interested. Space is limited and I don’t want you to miss out! 🙂 

Love & Laughter,

Lara Zimmerman


Sharing is Caring 😉

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